Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sexy Saturday ~ A Million Wishes

I shared this excerpt on a friends blog and it had such a great response I decided to go ahead and share it here as well for Sexy Saturday.

(Excerpt from A Million Wishes ©DeAnna Felthauser 2012)

He came out of the bathroom in boxers and nothing else, grabbing her around the waist from behind and swinging her around, carrying her to the bedroom, and plopping her on the soft mattress. “Noah! What are you doing crazy man?” He grinned at her and dived in the bed with her, making a big mess of getting under the covers and playfully whacking her with a pillow before stuffing it under his head. “I’m going to bed what does it look like I’m doing? Turn off the light brat I’m sleepy.” She laughed and tossed his pillow back at him looking disheveled and not quite sure what to do. “You are in MY bed; your bed is in there.” She said, pointing to the living room. He stretched, growling a little and she nearly drooled all over herself watching his muscles ripple from his chest to the band of his boxers. “Hey if you wanna sleep on that crappy sofa, go for it. I have slept in jungles more comfortable than that piece of junk.” Her mouth hung open and she started laughing.

“Now who’s being a brat? That was just rude Noah. Rude!” He reached and tugged her hair grinning like a kid in a candy store. “No. Rude is the fact that you make a guest sleep on that thing. I nearly couldn’t walk this morning. Now are you gonna talk all night or are you gonna c’mere and snuggle with me?” Her mouth opened then shut, shaking her head and turning off the lamp. Obviously she would be stupid to kick him out of bed. So she turned on her side and laid her head on his chest, sliding her arm across his middle and closed her eyes. “Sweet dreams Romeo. Don’t get any idea’s you’re gonna do anything but snuggle. I’m a good girl remember?” He laughed and curled his arm around her and squeezed her to him, kissing the top of her head. “I would never do such a thing babydoll. I am the picture of innocence.” He tilted her chin up and kissed her softly, closing his eyes and feeling more content and lighthearted than he had in years.

Sunday morning rolled around and Miki woke up purring and stretching, feeling pure, warm, hard male pressed against her from behind and Noah’s rough palm idly stroking her skin under her tank top from just below her breasts to just below the waist line of her shorts. Her nipples were tight little buds of pleasure poking out obviously against her shirt. She blushed and turned her head to look at him and smile softly. “Good morning Romeo.” He gave her that heart melting grin, and spoke in his low timber “Good morning babydoll. I could get used to waking up with you curled against me purring like a kitten.” His mouth covered hers and she moaned against his lips, her bottom pressed firmly to his groin. He was rock hard, and instead of it terrifying her, it thrilled her that he wanted her so much. Plus the slow stroke of his hand dipping low on her tummy had her aching so fiercely it was driving her crazy. Her hand reached back to rub down his side and squeeze his hip, it was enough to make him thrust forward and rub his thickness against her soft bottom again, deriving another purr from her lips.

“Noah…I…Ooohhh….” She stopped speaking, unable to say a word when his palm cupped her sex and rubbed in a slow firm circle.

“Mmm, what Miki? Don’t be afraid to say anything. If you want me to stop I will. If you want more, god if you want more, I’ll give it to you. Anything and everything baby.” His voice was husky, raw with desire. She shivered as his warm lips started trailing down her neck, and his teeth scraped that pulsing point that took her breath away. He kept one hand on her clothed mound, and his other reached and grabbed her soft breast, massaging it, pinching first one nipple and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, then moving to the next. “I’ve never…Noah I’ve never…oh god… please, Noah, don’t stop…” He looked into her beautiful green eyes now all smoky and dark, shocked at her admission of innocence, but wanting even more to please her.  He moved his hand off her and she nearly cried when the pressure he’d been placing on her vanished. But it was only gone a few seconds because he slid his hand into her shorts and slipped his fingers between the slick folds of her sex and found her hard little nub of desire and rubbed. Rubbed and circled it, squeezing it between his thumb and finger until she screamed out loud, falling apart, and shaking against him with her head thrown back, and a sexy purr coming from her throat.


Hope you all enjoyed that steamy peek into A Million Wishes!


  1. Girl, I was chilled earlier, but I'm quite warm and toasty now, hehehe. Thanks for sharing this passage again. I have really been enjoying getting to know Miki and Noah as I read A Million Wishes.

    Can't wait for book #2, Reflecting on Wishes!


    1. Thanks Rose! It's one of my favorite passages in the book! :) Glad you're warm and toasty!!!!!