Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday

Ahhh another installment of Music Monday! As you can see, my playlist I've been writing from has a little latin flavor and some hot dance tunes. Of course, I always have to post some emotional ones too. :)

Got a song stuck in your head? Tell me!

1. Motivation ~ Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne
2. Dance For You ~ Beyonce
3. Dance Again ~ J Lo & Pitbull
4. Impossible ~ Shontell
5. Perfect Nightmare ~
6. Loca ~ Shakira


  1. 1. Usher - Lil' Freak
    2. Usher - Climax
    3. Nicole Scherzinger - Wet
    4. Kings of Leon - Crawl
    5. Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
    6. Justin Timberlake - Until the End of Time

    Hmm I think there's a bit of a theme... ;)

    1. When I think of Kings of Leon, Sex on Fire is the first song I play. LOVE that song! But yeah, according to your list, I'd say you are having a one track mind today lol. ;)

    2. Sex on Fire is a hot song.... and yeah, you're right about my mind. You're music choices and the chapters you sent me didn't help. :p

    3. Don't blame me, I'm innocent! ;)