Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Hello loves! It's time for Top Ten Tuesday and since I'm in the mood to curl up with some chick flicks and popcorn, I thought it would be fun to declare it romantic movie couples day. :) I'm sure I'll miss some of my favorites, but these are the ones on my mind right now. In no particular order of course, because really, how can I choose one favorite? Impossible!

1. Titanic
2. Pretty Woman
3. P.S. I love you
4. Dirty Dancing
5. Ghost
6. The Bridges of Madison County
7. The Vow
8. The Notebook
9. Legends of the Fall
10. Last of the Mohicans

It was hard limiting this to ten. I could have picked another twenty easy lol. Let me know some of your favorites. Maybe I haven't seen them yet! :)


  1. I love "P.S. I Love You", and now I'm in the mood to watch it again.

    All the scenes in Ireland are so beautiful. We're going to have to visit Ireland before we leave England next year, and odds are I'll think about the movie when we do (my husband is very Irish and has family over there). :)

    You've just given me my procrastination task for the day. Heh.

    1. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. You're right, the scenery is gorgeous and I would love to vacation there. A little procrastination never hurt...right? lol :)

  2. Ohhhhhh, I saw on Fb "P.S. I Love You" stopped everything else and headed right on over here!!!! Seiously, after seeing that movie it bumped a few other down and took over the #2 spot of my all time favorite romantic movies! My list with the top 5 in order:

    1. Gone with the Wind
    2. P.S. I Love You
    3. Somewhere in Time
    4. The Bridges of Madison County
    5. The Notebook
    6. Ghost
    7. Titanic
    8. Pretty Woman
    9. Hope Floats
    10. Message in a Bottle

    Oh, the list could go on and on! : ) Thanks for sharing hun!

    1. Savannah, we even like the same movies lol. I think you might be my long lost twin! You picked a few movies I didn't think about but I love them. But yeah, P.S I love you is just.... -swoons- I loveeeee it! :)

  3. I love the ones posted already so I'm just going to add a few more. Gotta agree with P.S. I love you being one of THE best movies ever. :)

    Pretty in Pink
    Sixteen Candles
    Dear John
    Walk the Line
    Shall We Dance
    Just Wright

  4. I love you dearly, DeAnna...But I don't have 10 chic-lit movies..LOL I am a well know horror freak and when I need to relax I grab one of them. I am so sorry...but I will be back when you have top ten horror flicks..LOL The movies that make your skin crawl..LOL

    Big Hugs~<3 However...I did stop by...LOL

    1. How about next Tuesday I post scary movies Robin? LOL! I love you dearly too sugar!!! We are such polar opposites in our taste and genre it's hilarious. :)

      Big hugs darlin!